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About the Global ACI-ICAO AMPAP

The Global Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) is an executive development programme for airport management practitioners. Its six-course curriculum covers all functional areas of the airport business such as operations, security, finance, commercial management and airport development and promotes adherence to uniform standards and best industry practices while facilitating a cross-cultural learning environment for its participants.


The Programmeกฏs objectives are to:

  1. Increase the professional knowledge and capability of airport management personnel worldwide in order to improve the performance of airports in their core missions (safety, security, efficiency, quality, social/environmental responsibility, etc.);
  2. Encourage the adherence to uniform standards and awareness of best practices at the world's airports;
  3. Promote the recognition of professional excellence in airport management; and,
  4. Expand communication among airport executives globally to optimize knowledge sharing among the world's airports.

Only individuals who occupy a management position within a civil airport organization may join AMPAP to earn the International Airport Professional (IAP) designation. Management personnel of eligible stakeholders, namely, ICAO, ACI, Civil Aviation Directorates of ICAO member states, and ACI World Business Partners may join AMPAP to earn the AMPAP Associate Diploma.


From the inception of AMPAP in 2007 to 2016, AMPAP is proud of its 684 graduates with nearly as many other professionals at various stages of completing the required curriculum. In his own words and in the presence of distinguished guests including more fellow graduates class who travelled from all the regions, the 2016 AMPAP valedictorian, Mr. Roosevelt Council Jr. (Deputy General Manager / Chief Financial Officer, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport) summarized (excerpt):

"We are entering an era where the next wave of highly skilled airport professional are taking the reins worldwide. And with so many challenges before us such as the safety and security of our passengers and employees, this class must be ready to rise up and meet these challenges. I believe we are ready, no I believe we are AMPAP-ready. So letกฏs all go forward armed with the knowledge and commitment, knowing that our support does not stop at our doors but span across all the nations and continents that are a part of ACI and ICAO."

View photos from the 2016 AMPAP Graduation Reception and Ceremony, held in Montreal, Canada via this link


AMPAP does not end at graduation. In 2012 AMPAP graduates collectively incorporated The International Airport Professional Community of Practice (IAP CoP). Denise Martinez, IAP and Chairperson (2014-2016), IAP CoP described that the objective is to "enhance the lessons learned in AMPAP and take them to the next level, creating professional benefits for the individual and a payoff in innovative thinking and operational efficiency for airport operators. The CoP provides a path for leaders to enhance their skills."

Contact the AMPAP team for information and questions at OR submit the application form now via the AMPAP website

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