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Source: Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport has maintained its excellent aircraft track-keeping performance, with 99% of all departing aircraft staying ‘on track’ within the 2012 calendar year, beating its annual target of 95%.


The Airport has invested heavily in monitoring aircraft track-keeping over the years and holds regular meetings with airlines, air traffic managers and operational staff to ensure that they are aware of the Airport’s noise and track-keeping policies.


As a result, the Airport has significantly increased the number of aircraft staying within Noise Preferential Routes, which airlines are obliged to stay within to avoid flying over the most densely populated residential areas until an altitude of 3000ft.


To recognise those airlines that have performed well and exceeded the Airport’s track-keeping target, a scheme was set up seven years ago by the Airport and Conservative MP for Meriden, Caroline Spelman to award the best performers, called ‘Operation Pathfinder’.


At this year’s ceremony held in April, Turkish Airlines won the best track-keeping award in the over 50 flights per month category, boasting a 100% on-track record.


Aer Lingus, Eastern Airways, Flybe, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson were also honoured for helping the Airport to meet its track-keeping target and contributing to the Operation Pathfinder scheme.


Birmingham Airport’s CEO Paul Kehoe, who was on hand to present the awards, along with Councillor Ken Meeson, Leader of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, said: “We’re extremely proud of the Airport’s excellent track-keeping record, which has continued to improve since the scheme began.


“I’d like to congratulate the airlines for their hard work and commitment to the scheme, which has helped us to achieve another fantastic set of results.”


Paul added: “We have recently been out on the road visiting our local communities, speaking to residents about future changes to our flight paths through a series of public consultations.


“We are aware that some residents are concerned about aircraft noise and track-keeping, which is why we hold regular meetings and briefings to encourage local people to come and talk to us about any issues they may have about the Airport, so that we can reduce any impact.”

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