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KLM to launch Anytime For You in WBC to Bangkok
Source: KLM

  • From 29 October, KLM will also be offering its Anytime For You meal service to World Business Class passengers on flights to and from Bangkok. This is the second route, after Johannesburg, where WBC passengers will be able to decide for themselves when they wish to eat.

    Judging by the many positive responses we’ve had from passengers, the new service really meets their wishes. People are pleasantly surprised by the concept, which offers them more choice and versatility. And that is exactly what we hoped to achieve: giving the passenger a positive and memorable experience
    Wim Spelt, director of Product Management.

    Cabin crew play an important role in the new concept. Together with the passenger, they compile a personal service schedule for the flight. Cabin attendants working with this new concept are specially trained in hospitality, product knowledge and teamwork.

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