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Iberia to participate in IAGOS Research Project to measure quality of atmosphere
Source: Iberia

Iberia was selected by European Research Infrastructure (ERI) consortium to measure air quality in the southern cone of South America.

It is the first time that a Spanish airline is to participate in a research project of this scale.

Iberia and IAGOS project –the initials stand for "Integration of Routine Aircraft Measurements into a Global Observing System"– have signed a memorandum of understanding to install devices for measuring the chemical composition of air samples at cruising altitude on one it its long-haul aircraft. Commercial flights allow large numbers of observations to be made at high altitudes, which would be beyond the scope of dedicated research aircraft or other means.

The findings will contribute to further scientific understanding of the impact of aviation of climate change.

At the end of 2012 the measuring equipment will be installed on one of Iberia's Airbus A340/300s. The aircraft, with a length of 63.7 metres, a wingspan of 60.3 metres, and a range of 12,700 kilometres, will be one that operates between Spain and South America.

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