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SIA Engineering Company chooses Airbus Managed Inventory
Source: EADS

SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) has signed a contract with Airbus for the implementation of the Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) solution. This will ensure the replenishment of Airbus proprietary parts at SIAEC’s facilities utilizing an automated inventory management system provided by Airbus. SIAEC is the first customer worldwide to select the AMI ‘Ownership’ option – this means that the stock is Airbus-owned, up to the time when it actually needs to be used.

The AMI service, which underlines Airbus’ innovative strategy in offering customised services based on the latest industry standards, captures material consumption information in real-time and automatically triggers the replenishment process within the agreed inventory levels. AMI shifts administration and transport responsibility to Airbus, thus reducing costs for the customer.

“We are pleased that SIA Engineering Company has chosen the Airbus Managed Inventory solution and its ownership module which is tailor-made for supply chain requirements of our industry,” said Didier Lux, EVP of Airbus Customer Services. “We are confident this will achieve high on-shelf availability at optimum on-site inventory levels.”

He adds: “In view of SIAEC’s role as a major service provider for the Airbus Tailored Support Package solution, we are entering a new level of cooperation between our both companies.”

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