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Olympic Handling’s 2012 annual conference: a big success
Source: Olympic Handling

Olympic Handling’s annual executive meeting enjoyed a complete success during the three-day conference (February 15th – 17th, 2012), which was held this year at the Atheneum Intercontinental Hotel in Athens, Greece.

The annual event was attended by top executives of many airlines, including among others: Ryanair, Transavia, Austrian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air China, Czech Holidays, Cyprus Airways, Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines, El Al, Sundor, XL Germany, Danube Wings, Iberia, Alba Star and others. It also attracted regional directors and representatives of airlines, cargo and business aviation corporations.

During the three-day event airline officials from throughout the world came together to attend numerous business and informative sessions, learn from Olympic Handling experts, confer with the company administration and regional ground stations directors, engage with a large network of peers, explore and share solutions to multiple challenges. At the same time important commercial agreements were signed.

Commenting on the results of the annual conference, Olympic Handling President and CEO, Mr. George Efstratiadis said:

“Despite the unfavorable financial situation and the negative publicity for the Greek state due to the debt crisis it faces, many top executives were gathered in order to discuss current developments and issues affecting the airline sector, find ways to enhance cooperation and shape our policies for the upcoming summer season.
Their strong support, combined with the signing of important commercial agreements, constitutes a great honor for our company and represents a moral reward for our personnel for the exceptional services offered, acknowledged by all our business partners in the airline industry.
Olympic Handling will face this year’s challenges based on a triple target: Quality services, competitive prices and effective management of the operational cost”.

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