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JR Technologies developed for IATA the first ‘NDC ONE Order enabled sandbox’
Source: JR Technologies


JR Technologies is proud to be the first IT company to incorporate ONE Order functionality in the sandbox developed for IATA, that was available at the latest IATA NDC Hackathon in Silicon Valley (25-27 August, 2017). Out of 6 airline sandboxes, the JR Technologies’ ONE Order sandbox was additionally the first and only API to be aligned with NDC version 17.1 which supports the remodeled version of the NDC messages.  An amazing 67% of the teams used at least one of JR Technologies NDC and ONE Order APIs.

ONE Order is an industry-led initiative intended to replace the multiple and rigid booking, ticketing, delivery and accounting methods with one single and flexible order management process. It leverages the data communications advances made possible by implementation of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) and removes inefficiencies inherited from paper-based industry processes.  “It truly is where all NDC development is heading and we are pleased to have developed this ground-breaking prototype for IATA’s NDC Hackathon” said George Khairallah, President of JR Technologies.


JR Technologies is happy to be once more the early adopter of the new initiatives and contribute in demonstrating the capabilities of the IATA schemas and their value to the airlines. Since the latest IATA NDC Hackathon JR Technologies is the provider of 3 virtual airlines, Kronos, Athena and Zeus with the support for:

-          interline shop and order,

-          tracking of the order delivery,

-          NDC 16.2, 17.1 and One Order Alpha version.

JR Technologies’ virtual airline on the ONE Order sandbox, Zeus, provides the ability for airlines and 3rd party providers to:

  • experiment with the order flow,
  • envision the next steps of ONE Order and
  • provide feedback for the finalization of the business requirements and the alignment of the schema.


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