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Wheel and brake MRO World Aero achieves 20,000th component repair milestone
Source: Wheel and brake MRO World Aero

Aircraft wheel and brake MRO World Aero this week celebrates delivering its 20,000thcomponent repair from its workshop in West Sussex. The facility is EASA, FAA and TCCA approved to offer repair and overhaul on a variety of commercial and corporate aircraft wheels and brakes from Honeywell, Meggitt, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty and UTC Aerospace Systems.


Since the last milestone of 10,000 wheels and brakes in 2014, World Aero has steadily grown to support a greater number of units from existing customers, as well as win fresh business and deliver new product lines. The 10,000th unit was a Boeing 747-8 main wheel repair for a very long-standing customer, whereas the 20,000th repair was a Gulfstream G550 unit for a recently engaged MRO client that had been referred to World Aero in order to achieve a better service level more appropriate to their demanding customer’s needs.


Although established in 1999, World Aero entered the component MRO sector in 2008. The combination of having a consistent core team who are genuinely knowledgeable on the product, as well as realistic expectations, has led to consistent year-on-year growth. Phil Randell, World Aero’s owner and Managing Director, says: “Although 20,000 repairs represents a noteworthy achievement for us, World Aero has been built on honest and sustainable levels of quality and service rather than by simply boasting volumes. Being a privately owned and truly independent MRO, we’re not restricted by complex corporate structure or under the influence of an OEM, and are therefore free to make decisions to satisfy our customers both today and in the future.”


From their base in West Sussex, UK, World Aero are proud to be located amongst some of the most successful names in aircraft inventory support, not just geographically, but also in terms of independent ownership, where an individual has built and continues to maintain a very hands-on, central role in their business. “We have seen first-hand how successful and enduring that model is,” states Randell.

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