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Hahn Air opens Ticket Office in Belarus
Source: Hahn Air

Hahn Air announced the opening of a Ticket Office in Belarus that will provide travel agencies with access to over 300 air, rail and shuttle partners.

Located in Minsk, the newest addition to Hahn Air’s network of over 50 such offices around the world will serve around 60 IATA and non-IATA agencies that are interested in issuing on the HR-169 ticket. All Hahn Air tickets issued by Ventotour Travel Agency LLC will automatically include Securtix®, Hahn Air’s comprehensive insurance against the consequences of airline insolvency. Other benefits, such as round-the-clock support via Hahn Air’s global Service Desk and a 14-day refund guarantee are also included.

The contact details of Ventotour Travel Agency LLC can be found under Contact.

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