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Airports Council International launched the ASQ Arrivals Survey
Source: Airports Council International (ACI)

 Airports Council International (ACI) has launched the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Arrivals Survey to help airports measure, benchmark and promote customer service excellence.  

The ASQ programme has been designed for airports that seek to measure their own passenger service performance, monitor it over time and in conjunction with facility and service changes and to benchmark it against other comparable airports. As an add-on to the existing ASQ programme that focuses on the experience of departing passengers, the ASQ Arrivals Survey provides participating airports with the full picture needed to enhance service levels everywhere in the airport.

The ASQ Arrivals Survey delivers valuable insights on:

  • disembarkation;
  • immigration;
  • baggage reclaim;
  • customs;
  • infrastructure and services; and,
  • passenger profiles.

Like the ASQ Departures Survey, the ASQ Arrivals Survey gives airports the tools they need to improve their passenger service initiatives and the flexibility to adapt the programme through optional services like additional sample plans, increased sample sizes, benchmark and to add extra questions.

“The ASQ Arrivals Survey is for any airport—current ASQ Members or those just beginning their journey toward customer service excellence—that wishes to learn how to improve its passengers’ arrivals experience from the only source that really matters: the passengers themselves,” said Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World. “The ASQ Arrivals Survey is collected on tablet devices on the day of travel, capturing the traveler’s perspective quickly and conveniently while the experience is fresh in their minds.”

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