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Pink Ribbon Month: Air France supports the fight against breast cancer
Source: Air France

"Pink October" is the annual global breast cancer awareness event.

At Air France, flight attendants have been organizing initiatives to support this cause and raise awareness. Within the framework of their association, "Air Hostesses against Cancer", they have set up several projects aiming to:

  • Provide information;
  • Encourage screening;
  • Help with research;
  • Support women affected by cancer;
  • Promote mutual assistance between those affected by breast cancer, by setting up a discussion forum.

Air France is providing logistical support to this association, recognized as a public-interest organization, and is supporting all the initiatives carried out during Pink Ribbon Month 2017.

A special flight to Atlanta on 16 October

On 16 October 2017, flight AF688 from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Atlanta will be the highlight of these actions to raise awareness at Air France. At the boarding gate, the passengers will be given pink ribbons by Air France airport staff. On board, the female flight attendants will replace their uniform's red belt with a pink belt. In addition, all the seat headrest covers and paper napkins will be pink. These actions illustrate the association’s commitment and Air France’s desire to raise awareness among customers.

Initiatives taken by Air France

In October, the airline sector’s iconic “remove before flight” key chains, bearing the logo of the association are being sold on Air France long-haul flights. The proceeds from these sales will then be donated by the association to research centres and various associations involved in the fight against cancer.

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