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ELFAA airlines strengthen dominance with increased passenger numbers for 2011
Source: ELFAA

According to new figures released today, in 2011
members of the European Low Fares Airline Association (ELFAA) strengthened
their dominance of the intra-Europe airline sector by carrying more
passengers than ever before in the most fuel efficient aircraft available.
“The latest figures demonstrate the resilience of low fares airlines in what is a
very challenging economic climate for airlines,” said ELFAA Secretary General
John Hanlon.
In 2011 passenger numbers for ELFAA airlines grew to 188.8 million, up 9.5% on
the previous year, exceeding the industry average, with an increased loadfactor
of 1.1%. The low fares share of total intra-Europe point to point
scheduled passengers stands at 43% and is forecast to grow to 60% by 20201.
In 2011, ELFAA airlines also grew total fleet by 9.2% to 795 aircraft, purchasing
the latest technology, most fuel-efficient aircraft available. This in turn resulted
in a corresponding decrease in the average age of the fleet by 0.8 years to
4.5 years.
“With some rival airlines forced in recent weeks to cease operations due to
financial constraints, the fact that ELFAA airlines continue to go from strength
to strength clearly demonstrates the viability of our model and its popularity
with passengers,” continued Mr Hanlon.
ELFAA airlines’ continued success ensures they buck the trend in other areas
too. In 2011 the number of employees at ELFAA airlines increased by 11.3% to
29,330, providing much needed support and employment opportunities to
local economies throughout Europe.
“ELFAA airlines are the shining lights in Europe’s economy, and we fully expect
this growth to continue for the years to come – without the need to go cap in
hand to national governments for state hand-outs,” concluded Mr Hanlon.

1 Market share of LFAs in Europe (York Aviation)

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