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BTS Releases December 2011 Airline Full-Time and Part-Time Employment Data
Source: US DOT

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), today updated its airline employment web page with December 2011 full-time and part-time employment data.

Total employment (full-time + part-time) by all U.S. airlines including scheduled passenger, charter and cargo:

December 2010 568,636
November 2011 587,003
December 2011 587,293

Individual airline numbers are available on the BTS airline employment web page. The web page provides full-time and part-time employment numbers by carrier by month from 1990 through December 2011.
Airlines that operate at least one aircraft with the capacity to carry combined passengers, cargo and fuel of 18,000 pounds – the payload factor – must report monthly employment statistics.
The next web update for full-time and part-time employment is scheduled for March 16. The BTS press release on full-time equivalent employment for scheduled passenger airlines, including historic comparisons and summary tables, will be issued on Feb. 29.

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