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Almost 80 thousand Monarch customers returned to the UK in first week of CAA flying programme
Source: UK Civil Aviation Authority

The first week of the Civil Aviation Authority's flying programme has completed over 400 flights and returned almost 80,000 people to the UK.  Over 72 per cent of the 110,000 Monarch customers overseas at the time of administration are now back in the UK with more than 98 per cent arriving on the same day as their original flight. 

In week two of the flying programme, the CAA will make arrangements for a further 30,000 passengers to return to the UK.  However, additional complexities in the second week will require the CAA to bring together passengers from a number of smaller flights onto one larger aircraft.  This will mean that more passengers are likely to return to a different UK airport than their original flight, where coach transfers will be provided ensuring that everyone gets back to where they need to be. 

Richard Moriarty, CAA Group Director of Consumers and Markets, said:

“It is really important that anyone planning to travel on one of our flights checks the website - - where their flight details will be confirmed.  

“Although nobody will be asked to fly to the UK before the day of their original flight, some will be asked to head to the airport a few hours earlier than their original check-in time as some of our flights will be departing earlier.  

“All of the details will be confirmed on the website so please keep checking and not less than 24 hours before your original departure time.” 

The CAA continues to work around the clock, in conjunction with the Government, to deliver the replacement flying programme.  Additional logistical plans have been implemented to ensure all passengers are transferred to their original departure airport should they be flown to a different UK location as part of the flight consolidation in week two.  More than 260 coaches are involved in this operation. 

For ATOL protected Monarch customers with future bookings, the CAA has announced that claims forms will be distributed this week.  These forms will be emailed directly to customers or to their travel agent and will be settled within 28 days of being submitted, subject to the correct information being provided. 

On Monday 9 October, day eight of the flying programme, the CAA plans to operate 38 flights, bringing over 5,500 people back to the UK.  

Flying Programme Analysis 

StatisticsDAY SEVEN - Sunday 8 2017WEEK ONE TOTALS
Flights completed 53 404
Passengers back in the UK 11,525 79,083
Number of aircraft in fleet 35 35
Number of calls to the call centre 167 38,608
Unique visitors to 43,733 1,107,955
Page views on 229,260 6,940,033
Number of international airports flown to/from 16 33


The CAA will be providing regular updates as our flying programme develops.  

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