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7 Questions with Kamal Qatato, VP Sabre Airline Solutions, discussing the new crew management platform – Crew Manager

In this interview, Kamal discusses Sabre AirCentre Crew Manager, the new, end-to-end crew management platform introduced by the company, click here to read the full interview

The seven questions cover the background in which Sabre developed this pioneering platform, what makes it fundamentally different and how it will help airlines achieve better results. Sabre is a partner for over 100 airlines around the world in helping them manage their crew. This experience has given them a deep understanding of what airlines need and how technology can assist them.

Crew Management, an intricate, extremely complex area of an airline’s operations requires equally complex technology to help manage its different stages. However, this complexity means this technology is hard to manage, upgrade, configure or change. As a result airlines have come to accept and ‘live with’ ageing, unstable crew management software. In addition, airlines have often added multiple other technologies to this environment as retro-fitted integrations.

Crew Controllers, the principal users of this software, are burdened with an increasing workload and must access multiple information sources, manually process this information and in the little time left, make critical decisions. As a result, they are often unable to consider factors such as passenger experience or the financial impact of their decisions as ensuring safety and schedule integrity take up all their attention.

Lastly crew members, possible the most mobile workforce in the world, are not commonly equipped with modern-day, mobility and remote self-service tools. As new generations of crew take to the skies, they will expect the same quality of mobile technology that they encounter in their everyday life. This will help improve their quality of life and satisfaction with their employer but in addition, will drastically improve their productivity and will empower them to deliver exceptional passenger experiences.

This is the landscape in which Sabre embarked on the long process of developing a new crew management platform.

Crew Manager, an end-to-end platform, gives airline one, unified environment to perform all the tasks in the crew management lifecycle and delivers many benefits of a modern architecture and interface.

Read the full interview with Kamal Qatato to learn more about how it delivers these benefits, about its key features as well as what he thinks the future of Crew Management Looks like.



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