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Estonian Air president and CEO to resign
Source: Estonian Air

Estonian Air's President and CEO Andrus Aljas has decided to resign from his post and continues to work until the new CEO will take over on 1 June 2011.
According to the Chairman of the Supervisory Council of Estonian Air Mr. Joakim Helenius, the decision between possible candidates for the position has been made and the name of the new CEO will be announced on 1 June 2011 in connection with the new CEO taking on his duties at Estonian Air.
“Andrus Aljas carried out the responsibilities of Estonian Air President and CEO through a period of turbulent times, including the economic crisis and obscurity in ownership of the Company. It is a sign of his strong management abilities that the Company managed to navigate through these challenging times and survived,“ said Helenius.
“Having emerged from the economic crisis as a lean and fit enterprise, the Company is today in a position to explore all opportunities the crisis has opened up. The opportunity to build on the achievements made in recent years is best effected through a combination of new ideas based on extensive experience in the airline industry,” added Helenius.
“My five years in Estonian Air have included both periods of growth as well as the recession, bringing extremely challenging times for the entire aviation sector. Despite of difficulties, the company has been able to meet all the major objectives set by the owners. Now, when Estonian Air is standing on the beginning of a new phase, it is the right time for me to move on,” said Andrus Aljas.
“I am glad that Estonian Air has become a stronger and more competitive airline within my five years in the Company: more effective organisation, better product and service, and new aircraft. This is a good basis on which it will be possible to build future success. It will require a lot of effort and high level industry experience, which I believe the new CEO will bring to the house. Estonian Air has many highly committed personnel with whom I have enjoyed working very much. I wish to extend to them my sincere thanks and to wish all the best for the future,” continued Aljas.
Andrus Aljas joined Estonian Air on 7 June 2006, as member of the Management Board and Vice President Finance. On 22 August 2007, Andrus Aljas was nominated as the interim CEO. The Supervisory Council of Estonian Air nominated Andrus Aljas as the CEO and President of Estonian Air on 29 April 2008.
Before joining Estonian Air, Andrus Aljas worked as CFO and Member of the Management Board of AS Viisnurk.

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