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CAD's response to media enquiries on deferring departure flights clearance
Source: Civil Aviation Department (CAD)

In response to media enquiries about deferring departure flights clearance, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) gave the following reply today (April 21):

     About 8.45pm yesterday (April 20), workstations in two Controller Working Positions (CWPs) in the Air Traffic Control Centre experienced a power supply failure as a "power supply selector" shared by those two CWPs encountered a momentary hitch. During the occurrence, all other workstations in the Air Traffic Control Centre were not affected. As a precaution, the CAD deferred giving clearance to departure flights for about 10 minutes. Arrivals and flights flying through the Hong Kong Flight Information Region, which were also handled simultaneously by the new Air Traffic Management System, were not affected. 

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